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Take a moment to read what past clients have had to say. Every experience is unique, just as every client is unique.


“Regina has a diverse and powerful gift, and was exceptionally interactive, patient, calm, warm and insightful in her reading with me. I have spoken to a lot of psychics over the years, and Regina is possibly the best. I only had a phone consultation, and Regina displayed a wide range of skills (psychic, medium for those who have passed, animal communicator) which she accessed easily and immediately. I was surprised at how much she knew and how quickly she knew it. Not to berate anyone else at ALL, but I have spoken to several psychics who couldn’t have me on the phone with them, who needed to make the connection in the quiet of their own space – I get that, it makes sense, but I was rather shocked at the spiritual access Regina has. She was just rattling off all this info about my pet she couldn’t have possibly known. In that same vein, I especially appreciated that Regina was able to be interactive with me. I prefer a two-way conversation in which I have input, and some psychics just want to do a reading and for me to be silent. That may work great for some people – some may prefer just to receive the reading - but I am a questioner, I need connection, and I want to be part of the conversation and to be part of its evolution. (fyi, Regina is so flexible, that I’m sure she could match anyone’s style) It comes across as a little snobby to act as if the pet owner is irrelevant to the equation: I want to interact with my pet, and, if I have a question, I want to bring it up right then. I can appreciate that interruption breaks the concentration of other psychics but Regina was very easy going, able to deal with my info/questions and to maintain the flow/strength of her connection. She was also a great deal of help to me, resolving a question I had which was causing me stress and impacting my life in a significant way. I am very grateful for the reading, and Regina would definitely be my #1 go-to person henceforth."

Suzette Hollingsworth |  Washington, USA

“Regina Byrnes is not only an amazingly gifted psychic and medium but a beautiful soul. The guidance and messages I have received are always extremely accurate and detailed, and given with a warm and down to earth style, with a lovely touch of humor. Her life experience has given her a strong insight into medical intuition, and also pet communication. The information has helped me when western medicine has failed to find anything, and to me that is priceless. I would highly recommend Regina to anyone looking to connect to loved ones or receive guidance on their future."

Rachel Haynes | Naracoorte, South Australia

“Regina's work as a psychic medium goes way beyond your typical reading. Her accuracy may leave you speechless, while her compassionate heart fills you with validation and support. I highly recommend her."

Dougall Fraser

I have consulted psychics for different reasons over the past 25 years. Some great, some good, and some obvious frauds. I have always believed that life does not just end with death, and that our loved ones (both two and four legged) are still with us when we need them, even though they have passed on. They are simply behind a veil that most of us cannot see through. Regina has the gift to see through that veil and communicate with them. A sense of instant comfort came over me when I first met her. She was able to connect with my dad who passed 40 years ago, and two beloved dogs… One who passed 23 years ago, and the other who I lost on New Years day 2016. She also read for my wife, connecting with her Grandmother, the latter dog, her cat from over 20 years ago, and a cat that we lost earlier this year. She also communicated about a medical condition which no one else other than my wife and her doctor would know about. Regina is a highly gifted, extremely kind, and highly evolved soul. I would recommend her to anyone who desires to connect with loved ones who have passed, is in need of guidance along their life path, or just would like a spiritual tune up.

Vin Giglio | New Smyrna Beach FL

 I recently had the pleasure of a group reading with Regina Byrnes. A few years ago, I had a private individual reading with Regina as well.  Both experiences have impressed me & helped give me comfort in connecting with my loved ones.
The group reading was very well coordinated by Regina. She made a genuine effort to ensure that each person received a reading with messages. Also, Regina asked each person if there was anyone in particular they were interested in hearing from.
In contrast, I have been to other group readings with other mediums who have generically communicated messages during the allotted time only.  Some people had readings during those sessions & some did not. However, Regina made sure each group member received messages from loved ones.  In fact, our session ran over the allotted time since Regina's primary focus was to ensure each person received a reading.
Regina has a gift with her ability to communicate with the spirit world. Her gift has provided me with comfort & healing in knowing that my loved ones are around me. Regina is very detailed & descriptive when communicating with spirits making you feel their closeness providing comfort & reassurance that your loved ones are all around you.
I would definitely recommend reaching out to Regina for a reading if you are looking to communicate with your loved ones who have passed.  Whether you choose to have an individual or a group reading with Regina, you will be rewarded with the healing benefits.

Lori Laug | Wappingers Falls, NY

The first time I met Regina Byrnes was on a Spirit Cruise with James Van Praagh and John Holland. During one of the workshops, James randomly picked Regina out of hundreds of people and asked her to accompany him in doing a mediumship reading for another audience member. Regina was spot on and I remember Van Praagh telling her, "You're really good, you should do this for a living!", Regina replied, "I do". It was at that moment that I decided I wanted Regina to do a reading for me. At the time it had only been 9 months since I had lost my only child. I had come across many mediums and psychics but felt strongly that I would only seek out reputable mediums to do work for me; seeing Regina in action that day put her at the top of my list. >> When I contacted Regina to do the reading she replied to my request promptly by giving me a call. Together we worked out a day and time with our schedules. Regina was thorough in asking what type of reading I was expecting (mediumship or psychic) and informed me that she would meditate on it before our meeting. Regina didn't know anything about my situation, my loss or that I regularly blog about all of the signs I've been receiving since my daughter had passed. She provided very specific details surrounding her death that I had not made public and only a few people knew about. Next, she talked about my grandmother, how much I loved her food and how she is guiding me to help heal others. This was significant because Regina had no idea that I loved my grandmothers recipes and that when she passed, I asked the family if I could have her cookbook. She also didn't know that I am starting an organization called Roots Healing Center that is focused on helping others heal their grief. That morning, before my talk with Regina, I had just come up with the slogan for my organization.

"Nourish your soul, enrich your life". Regina used almost those exact words when describing the message from my grandmother. That made me feel wonderful knowing I am on the right track!! Finally, Regina asked if I lived alone with a small dog. The answer is "yes". She was not only able to describe what my dog looked like, but she described her demeanor to a tee! The messages she relayed regarding my dog answered questions that had been on my mind. I am grateful that James Van Praagh randomly picked Regina out of the audience and that I was able to witness her talent first hand. Moreover, I am thankful for the wonderful reading she did for me and feel honored to continue working with her. Regina is authentic, genuine, straightforward and clearly articulates her messages. If you have lost a loved one, I highly recommend reaching out to Regina Byrnes. Additionally, I recommend an hour session, as 30 minutes can go by very quickly!

Love and Blessings,

Michelle Riehn | Denver, Colorado | CEO/Founder Roots Healing Center

I was actually childhood friends with Regina.  We shared some really fun times together, and I always remember her as being an upbeat and positive person.  Like many other friends, after high school I never saw her again.  But, I recently reconnected with her online where I discovered she was blessed with the incredible ability of being a psychic medium.  I have always been fascinated with this ability, and really wanted to speak with her about my family members who had passed.  And while I have always wanted to go to a medium, I never did because I was skeptical and didn't know who I could trust.  Regina, is someone I had total trust in and would recommend her again and again.  My reading was amazing!  She gave me absolute clarity and closure where I needed it, and made me feel so much better about things that had been bothering me.  And even more importantly, she gave me a message from my Grandparents that solved a health problem my husband had been having for a long time.  It was just the most incredible experience I've ever had, I can't thank her enough. Speaking with Regina is truly something that everyone could benefit from.

Tara Westfield | New York

I recently was blessed to meet Regina on both a personal and spiritual level.   Regina is very intuitive & in touch with our love ones who have passed on.  In addition, Regina is a lovely, very sincere, personable lady.  I had the opportunity to see her on stage with James Van Praagh and felt so much pride that Regina was ‘right on’ with one of the world’s leading mediums.  One evening after dining with Regina she asked me who I knew named Jim who had passed in the last 18 months. Only one Jim could come to my mind, but he had passed a couple of years ago.  She politely said, ‘No – it’s not that Jim. This Jim passed in the last 18 months’.  Regina didn’t push this spirit on me but just remained quite after telling me ‘I see a ‘Jim’ around you who passed about 18 months ago.’    OF course she was right!  It wasn’t until that evening getting ready for bed that it hit me who she was seeing and she had his passing month down to the exact time of exactly 18 months ago.  The next day Jim was back around me and Regina was able to connect me with my brother Jim. Regina told me things from my brother that absolutely no one could have known or even guessed about the last months of his life through to his last breath.   There is no way to explain the peace I felt after 'hearing’ from my brother through Regina.  It also gave me great joy that my brother was with his life long friend Jim on the other side.  I believe Regina has a very special blessing and gift and I highly recommend her as a psychic and even more so as a medium.

Cheryl Boldt | San Antonio TX | November 2012

I heard about Regina while I was on a cruise from two ladies I shared a picnic table with in Puerto Rico.  They spoke highly of her and her abilities.  I must say I was and have always been a skeptic about such things as mediums, but my father had recently passed and I was questioning some things.  I contacted Regina when I returned home and she gave me a reading.  I sat mesmerized as she talked about my father, my mother and others connected with me.  The things she spoke about were so specific.  It was almost like she had lived with me for years.  There were so many things she mentioned that she simply could not have known, were her abilities not for real.  Even weeks later, something she said that did not make much sense was revealed to be true.  I am a skeptic no longer and thank Regina for the blessing she helped me receive from my loved ones.

Tess | Knoxville, TN

It was my distinct honor and pleasure to sit with my very good friend while Regina gave a reading via the telephone. The reading was so right on the money. The messages that came through were so pertinent to what was occurring in my friend’s life at the time. Regina would have no way of knowing these personal struggles that my friend and her son were having, yet they were addressed in the reading. The whole experience was emotional and rewarding. It was by far one of the most amazing and positive experiences that I have ever witnessed. The love and gratitude that I felt during the reading was wonderful. I am forever grateful to both Regina and my friend for letting me be present during the reading. If you have never done this before and are worried about the real deal or if you have done this before and are still worried about the real deal, Regina is the real deal. She is truly gifted. You will not be sorry.

Sherry Swift | Longwood, FL

I have met Regina in a mediumistic circle. Her messages reflect what she lives by – love, reference, honesty and personal integrity towards every human being.  She has infinitely patience and her messages are always conveyed in a loving way. She is always interested in learning and growing and her sense of humor can light up your day instantly! She is living proof that every important matters is best seen from the heart and that such matters are usually unseen from our eyes.

Regina is one of the most talented mediums I met amongst many mediums I know and I am honored to write this.  I believe what makes a great medium is to be a great human being, and the ability to combine the essence of our human being with our gifts as a medium. She has that very unique talent.


M. M. | Altamonte Springs, FL

Regina told me in detail about a time in my life that I remember being very hard for me. She mentioned the age I began a struggle with grief as I had just lost my grandfather with whom I was very close. She then relayed some messages from him to me. These messages were quite specific and I really needed to hear them; I am very thankful to her for that. I would highly recommend a reading with Regina as she is a very gifted psychic medium.

Gina Croker | Australia

I recently had the pleasure of being part of a group reading by Regina Byrnes.  She was directed to me by the presence of my deceased father.  Being a skeptic, I was anxious to hear what she would say.  She described my father to a T; however, it’s what she said to me that really blew me away!  She told me specific details that only I would have known.  Her intricate details were so much on target that I knew my father’s presence was absolutely there that day.  The feelings I experienced by her specific details were indescribable.  I felt my father’s love and understood exactly what he was trying to relay to me. 

Regina’s abilities as a medium are genuine and the honesty, caring, and compassion she brings through are truly a gift.  I am no longer skeptical and I believe in her talents and recommend Regina highly if you ever decide to have a sincere reading.

Debra Preston | USA

I scheduled my first reading with Regina right after my son passed away.  Not only did she bring my son through she answered a question I needed to know about his death. I’ve  had several readings  with her over the past two years.  Thanks to Regina, I have come a long way and have found so much peace.  I had such beautiful readings in which she has confirmed to me that my son is still very much a part of my life. Regina is a very gifted medium and I am forever grateful.

Jill Swisher | Dover Plains, NY

I became interested in having a reading by a psychic medium due to the loss of my beloved dog Molly. I researched animal communicators and I was enthralled by Regina's story and her life experiences.

So much information came through. Not only about Molly but also my other Golden, Casey, who passed 9 years ago, as well as my dad. It was good to know they were all together.

The reading gave me "peace" of mind.   Through the reading Molly suggested I set up a memorial outside under the shade tree. I started on that project and felt so overwhelmed to get back to the earth and get grounded. My daughter and I will bury Molly's and Casey's ashes at this memorial in the beginning of May to honor them; which was the month they were both born.    

Jeri Finnegan | USA

My reading with Regina was the first one I've ever had. I have always felt a small connection to the spirit world, but have always been skeptical on having a reading due to not knowing who really had TRUE abilities and also not having a true reason to have a reading besides pure interest. But as of Oct 3rd 2016 my uncle on my moms side passed away from stage 4 cancer at the age of 41 and then my father passed Oct 19th 2016 due to ......, so if this wasn't multiple reasons to seek closure I don't know what is.

Upon arrival to Regina's I met both her and her husband who are both very pleasant and warm hearted which automatically made me feel comfortable. They explained the process to me due to her sensing I was nervous. Once the reading began she was able to validate so many things including both my dad and uncle being present, their personalities, their cause of death, and information that she couldn't have known.

After my session with Regina I have felt such a relief and believe that my loved ones are ok and happy. I went from being upset and depressed all day everyday, to now when I think about them I smile knowing they are living the life they have always wanted. Thank you Regina for just being you and giving me a peace of mind!

Mallory Gunther | Port Orange, Florida

I feel very lucky to have found Regina. During my session with her she was easily able to make a connection with my dog and my spirit guides and provided me with accurate and helpful information that she couldn’t have known from any other source (it was the real deal). I felt so fortunate and grateful to be able to hear about how my dog felt about her life and to get her perspective on things, as well as receiving advice from my guides on how I can make positive changes in my life. I felt very relaxed during my session with Regina and the manner in which she conveyed the information she was receiving was very compassionate and supportive, it felt like she was such a natural. I have no hesitation in recommending Regina, she is truly a gifted medium and psychic.

Nina Savolainen | Canberra,  Australia

I want to thank you for my reading today. I left feeling a sense of assurance and peace. You helped me refocus my attention on to my intuitive gift which has reminded me to trust myself again. I feel empowered and I want to share my deep appreciation with you. This moment reminds me of the old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Thank you for reminding me that I can fish, Regina and thank you for sharing your gift with me!

I walked away getting more than I expected, an answer that will feed me for a lifetime and beyond!

Peju | Miami

Nina Savolainen | Canberra,  Australia

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