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Animal Communication

Just like humans, all animals are all made of energy at their core. This energy holds all the information about the animal; their demeanor, their fears, and their desires, to name a few. Additionally, animals are extremely telepathic and they communicate well using their telepathic gifts. This allows an animal communicator to have a two-way conversation with your pet.

As an experienced animal communicator, Regina can provide insight into what is going on with your pet. In addition, using her mediumship abilities Regina can communicate with your pets who have passed. If you have questions that you need answered about a living pet or if you would like to connect with a pet who has passed, then contact Regina! 


"I really enjoyed my visit with Regina. She is very calm and soft spoken. I had some specific questions about my horses and dogs. Regina helped with answers and even felt the presence of my little dog, Gussy, who had passed away several years ago. She said he was dancing around my legs telling me everything would be fine! I had just found out I have cancer. Little Gussy danced around my legs when he was alive. I knew then that he is still with me! Regina was just terrific!"


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