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Connecting with loved ones in spirit through a medium can have a profound impact on an individual’s health, happiness and overall well-being. A medium acts as an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of spirit. Through mediumship many people experience a vast shift in perception while receiving comfort, hope, and healing. In addition, hearing from a loved one in spirit can assist in managing the grief associated with their passing while also allowing them to provide advice, answer questions, and explain signs and signals that they may have sent.

Regina is renowned worldwide for her ability to communicate with Spirit. Her messages from Spirit have helped thousands of people around the globe receive the healing they require. Her passion is to provide messages that are for the highest and best good of her clients. She intends that her clients experience a strong connection with their loved ones and that they leave with the awareness that they are still present and a major part of their life; even though they cannot see them. Through use of her mediumship gift Regina will be able to:

  • Offer you opportunity to hear from your loved one(s) once again;

  • Share a connection to your departed loved one(s); whether it’s a person or a pet on the other side, they long to hear from you too;

  • Provide you with peace in knowing that they are okay and not alone;

  • Deliver evidence that you are not alone as they are still with you in spirit; and

  • Provide advice and seek answers from your deceased loved ones. 

Regina's intention is to communicate messages with love and compassion while providing you with encouragement, hope, and optimism for your future. You are right here, right now for a reason; now is the time to take action! If you are looking to connect with a loved one to receive closure or advice, to receive evidence that they are still with you, to assist with the grief of their passing, or simply just to hear from them again then contact Regina today!


"I have always been interested in the life beyond, have always believed it existed. But what I didn't know is that Regina could expertly and accurately connect me to my departed loved ones OVER THE PHONE! I have connected with both my parents, all 4 grandparents and my favorite aunt! Regina would describe who was coming through and I could immediately identify them. Some things she herself didn't understand but she could relay the message and I sure did! Regina is a phenomenal medium!"


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